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Do Any Herbs Help with Memory Loss?

An assortment of different herbs on a cutting board.

Fading memories are often a difficult part of aging. Some forgetfulness can be attributed to age-related memory changes. However, memory loss from cognitive impairment is not a normal part of aging.  For those managing the challenges of memory loss, seeking natural remedies such as herbs can address cognitive decline and improve cognition. Memory care programs […]

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Discounts for Seniors in Ohio

A happy older adult man in a white shirt holding a 100 dollar bill.

We know supporting your senior loved one is always front of mind. Thankfully, Ohio holds a golden secret for seniors looking to take advantage of local savings. If you haven’t already heard, the Ohio Department of Aging’s Golden Buckeye Program is a ticket to a world of discounts and community support for seniors in Ohio. […]

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