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What to Not Say to Someone with Memory Loss

A senior father and his son happily chatting on the couch & drinking coffee

A diagnosis of memory loss can be challenging not only for those affected but also for their loved ones, who may struggle to find the right words to offer support and comfort. Navigating conversations with someone struggling with memory loss can be tricky, as those affected might have difficulty recalling recent events, recognizing familiar faces, […]

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Can You Drive With Parkinson’s?

a senior woman driving a car

Driving is not just about mobility; it is also about independence, freedom, and maintaining one’s lifestyle. For individuals with Parkinson’s, the question of whether they can continue to drive becomes a significant concern. Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement, causing symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and slow movements.  Individuals with Parkinson’s can […]

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Do Any Herbs Help with Memory Loss?

An assortment of different herbs on a cutting board.

Fading memories are often a difficult part of aging. Some forgetfulness can be attributed to age-related memory changes. However, memory loss from cognitive impairment is not a normal part of aging.  For those managing the challenges of memory loss, seeking natural remedies such as herbs can address cognitive decline and improve cognition. Memory care programs […]

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Discounts for Seniors in Ohio

A happy older adult man in a white shirt holding a 100 dollar bill.

We know supporting your senior loved one is always front of mind. Thankfully, Ohio holds a golden secret for seniors looking to take advantage of local savings. If you haven’t already heard, the Ohio Department of Aging’s Golden Buckeye Program is a ticket to a world of discounts and community support for seniors in Ohio. […]

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Can Someone With Dementia Sign Legal Documents?

A senior man signing a document while her senior wife happily holds his arm.

Dementia is a term used to describe a decline in mental abilities that impacts daily activities. It is often a progressive disease that primarily affects people who are aging. One of the most significant areas that dementia impacts is a person’s ability to make decisions.  When a person with dementia faces legal documentation with signing […]

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