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How Often to Visit Someone in Assisted Living

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Assisted living can be a wonderful way to help a senior loved one get the care, support, and love they deserve. But once they’ve moved into their new home and started this chapter of their life, you might find yourself wondering, “How often should I visit?”

Each person’s needs are different, and you should speak to your loved one about their preferences, but on average, it can be beneficial to visit roughly once every week or 2. There are no set rules to this—it depends on your own schedule, your loved one’s needs and preferences, the events going on in their community, and other factors.

Why Is Socializing Important?

As humans, we’re naturally extremely social creatures. But it isn’t just about chatting with others to keep busy—the health benefits of socializing can extend to our mental and physical well-being. And when we’re unable to socialize, bond, and connect with others, it can be detrimental to our health.

Isolation and loneliness can have significant negative effects on a person’s mental and physical health. Without regular social interaction, older adults may experience depression, anxiety, and an increased risk of several health conditions. In fact, periods of extended isolation can lead to:

  • Less physical activity
  • Weight gain
  • Unhealthy dietary choices and lifestyle habits
  • A weakened immune system
  • Shorter life expectancy

This makes it absolutely essential to support our loved ones and encourage them to socialize however possible. Fortunately, assisted living can help! In assisted living communities, there are opportunities to spend time with family members and friends and meet new people. 

Social Opportunities in Senior Living

One extremely important benefit of assisted living communities is the absolute abundance of social opportunities available. Assisted living communities can be vibrant, engaging environments where people can socialize, make new acquaintances, and try all kinds of new things.

Some of the opportunities for socialization include:

  • Classes to learn something new
  • Hobby groups
  • Clubs
  • Activity spaces
  • Group outings

At Maumee Pointe Assisted Living & Memory Care, we take it one step further. We believe that each and every one of our residents deserves to live fully fulfilling lives. That’s why our services and experiences include:

  • Access to a beauty salon and barber shop
  • A chapel
  • A greenhouse
  • A library
  • A lounge
  • Numerous meeting areas and sitting rooms
  • Many organized activities

This way, our residents have access to plenty of opportunities to socialize with like-minded people. From community events to movie nights, we offer a little something for everyone so our residents can build strong connections with the people around them—and have fun while doing so!

How Often Should You Visit a Loved One in Senior Living?

Make sure you talk to your loved one honestly and openly about this question. Ask them how often they’d like you to visit. Maybe they still want to see you as often as possible, or maybe they’d prefer a set weekly visit so they have time to build all kinds of exciting stories to tell you.

If you live nearby and you want to visit your loved ones as often as you can, try to aim for once every week or 2. If you want to visit a little more or a little less, that’s okay. The key is to talk to your loved ones about what you both want. Your own schedule and circumstances might also affect how often you visit—and that’s okay too.

And don’t forget: it isn’t just about how often you visit—it’s also about how you spend your time together.

Making the Most of Your Visits

Making the most of each and every visit can be an excellent way to bond with your loved one. Just because they’re starting a new chapter in their life doesn’t mean they don’t want you to be a part of it! Try to make a plan to make every visit special.

Here are a few tips for making the most of your visits:

  • Plan activities ahead of time. Try to think about what your loved one enjoys—like board games or movie nights—and bring what you need.
  • Bring along a gift or a treat. A thoughtful gesture can go a long way!
  • Share stories and reminisce together. Take the time to actively listen to their thoughts and feelings and share your own. This can help build a strong bond.
  • Involve others. Try encouraging family members and friends to drop by for a visit as well! A group visit can be an excellent way to give your loved one a smile that lasts for days.
  • Use technology between visits to stay connected. It’s never been easier to get in touch and tell your loved one you’re thinking of them!

You can help your loved one feel valued, appreciated, and loved—they deserve it.

Easing the Transition to Senior Living

Moving to assisted living can be a journey, and by staying in touch with your loved one, you can make a big difference in their life. By scheduling regular visits, making each visit meaningful, and encouraging them along the way, you can help your loved one thrive. 

Our team at Maumee Pointe Assisted Living & Memory Care is here to help! Schedule a tour today to see all our services and experiences, and ask us any questions you may have about visiting. We’d love to hear from you.

Written by Angela Clark

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